If Annabelle Angel doesn’t look like a country girl with her short little shorts and her sexy flannel shirt showing off her midriff all sexy like…

I bet you every farmer’s daughter looks like Annabelle Angel here…. Hot!

southern girl annabelle angel9-2

And when she does summersaults like this… That’s the kind of farmer’s daughter you want in your bed with you for sure!

We love Annabelle Angel!

southern girl annabelle angel8-2

Now if this isn’t a country girl I don’t know what is…. Nice!

She’s got her hair up in pigtails and a plaid bikini on, plus the super short shorts… This Ashlie chick is a real life country girl…

hot country slut

Hell, I bet you she’s even a farmer’s daughter…. That only makes her ten times hotter!

Look at the flat stomach this country slut has… That’s perfect!

This might be sexy, but this is not how I see Madden spending her free time. I love the top that shows of her cleavage and the short shorts, but I am guessing Madden would rather spend her time down at the lake getting hammered while guys try to talk her into doing dirty things with other chicks…

But really, watching Madden playing with her freaking plants and drinking ice tea and what not is so freaking sexy!

madden slutty country girl

There are country girls, and then there are COUNTRY GIRLS. I’m talking about a girl who has lived all of her life on a farm and knows what it takes to please a man.

Although I must admit… I could just stare at this country girl all day long and get off without even touching her!

hot country girl

This country girl is that fucking hot!

Country girls are the best in the world… They are simple and don’t need to be entertained; A six pack of beer and they can spend the entire afternoon in the back of a pick up truck doing nothing…. Bring a country girl down to the lake and she doesn’t need a bathing suit; She’ll just strip down into her panties and go skinny dipping!

hot country girl

Even with her flannel shirt on this country chick is smoking hot!

As if we didn’t already know that Kate Grounds makes the most perfect country chick…. With a body like hers, and how willing she is to play dress up… Yeah, Kate Grounds makes the perfect little country girl!

Love the hat, the short little skirt, the sexy legs I want wrapped around my thighs, her country inspired top with the cleavage all over the place… Perfection!

kate ground killer country girl

I bet she’s wearing cowboy boots in this picture too!

This is how all country chicks should dress… Short little tight shorts, flannel shirt showing us her cleavage, pigtails…. Very hot. Misty Anderson pulls of this look well – and what makes it even hotter is that Misty Anderson is in a corn field!

But Misty Anderson isn’t faking it here. She’s a real country girl. She’s got more horses than I have trucks. And her truck is bigger than my truck – and my truck is pretty fucking big!

misty anderson country girl short shorts3

That’s why Misty Anderson pulls off this look so well. LOL – Just wait until you see her riding one of her horses naked!

misty anderson cow girl

Once again we have Misty Anderson showing us exactly what a country girl is like…. And it’s perfect!

Misty Anderson is outside by her big red pick up truck, topless, wearing only a tight pair of jeans and a little straw hat… Hot hot hot!


Then she changes over to her short shorts… Clearly Misty Anderson is a country girl through and through!


Kate Grounds in a cowgirl hat and a sexy little bra… Her bra looks like a cross between a picnic blanket and a pair of old blue jeans. Still hot.


I bet you when she rides on top of you, she holds her cowboy hat up in the air like she’s riding a bull!

Meet Madden is a country girl through and through since the day she was born… The first time I was in her members area her most recent update was a video of her driving around in a huge truck (HUGE TURN ON!) and she was out in the country looking at horses… No kidding – Meet Madden doesn’t need to get naked to be sexy….

country girl madden

All she needs to do is go trespassing in short shorts, looking at horses…. Very hot when she bent over!