Meet Madden is a country girl through and through since the day she was born… The first time I was in her members area her most recent update was a video of her driving around in a huge truck (HUGE TURN ON!) and she was out in the country looking at horses… No kidding – Meet Madden doesn’t need to get naked to be sexy….

country girl madden

All she needs to do is go trespassing in short shorts, looking at horses…. Very hot when she bent over!

Now isn’t this just perfect? This is exactly what I expect from a real life country girl… Short shorts, flannel, long hair… You know, because those country girls have nothing better to do with their free time other than frog gigging and brushing their long hair.

This is Annabelle Angel – the best looking country chick ever!

southern girl annabelle angel1-1-1

Looks like Annabelle Angel is taking a walk on her daddy’s farm… She’s a real life country girl all right!

Well, she’s posing outside of a bar, she’s wearing leather cowgirl boots, and she’s got her foot on a stack of hay… I would guess she’s a country girl through and through. I might not have been in a barn in the past twenty years, but it seems Hunter Leigh is very comfortable taking off her flannel and posing in just her cowboy boots and a tiny little thong…

hunter leigh country girl

Who wouldn’t want to play farmer with Hunter Leigh?

Chicks who wear flannel – always super fucking hot. The short shorts Annabelle Angel has on is super hot too!

And she’s in the middle of the field doing cartwheels with her sexy teen legs spread perfectly…

southern girl annabelle angel8-2

I don’t care if she’s the farmer’s daughter or not, I just want to bang Annabelle Angel all day long.. Right in the back of my pick up truck!

Meet Madden is a country girl through and through. That’s hot.

There’s a video in her member’s area where Meet Madden is driving around in her big ass truck and she stops to check out some horses, because all real country chicks are horse lovers….

Here’s Meet Madden with her short open, sporting a green bra on a John Deere tractor…

country girl madden

Come it, it doesn’t get much more country than that!

When ever we think of Bryci, we don’t think of “country girl”. We think boobs. Because Bryci is all about the boobs. And everyone likes boobs, men and women alike. Damn, Bryci has the best of both worlds because she’s got huge knockers.

But when you take Bryci out to the farm, in short little jean shorts, and those little boots… Come on, a chick like Bryci wouldn’t have boots like that in her closet unless she was a country girl at heart, right? Usually Bryci is the type of chick that wears little high heels, not little cowboy boots….

bryci sexy girl1-1

I’d fuck Bryci right up against that hay stack, right in this position right here….

bryci sexy girl2-1

Does wearing flannel qualify a chick for being a country girl? And if that’s not enough, what if they are outside by a barn and a wash basin? Hmmm.

We already know Ariel Rebel can handle any situation thrown on her, and that’s super hot already. I think Ariel Rebel is the type of chick that gets off any chance she gets and when this country chick threw a pass at her, Ariel Rebel was ready to receive it – arms and legs open wide!

ariel rebel country girl flannel

It quick turned out that these two hot country chicks were going to have a threesome!

ariel rebel country girl flannel2

Now this is exactly how we like to see our country girls… Nearly naked, wearing only cowboy boots, a cowboy belt, and a little straw hat. And nothing else.

Sweet Krissy is trying to cover up her breasts and really pulling it off – because we can see nearly everything of this hot country girl!

sweet krissy country girl

Who wouldn’t want Sweet Krissy riding on top of them tossing that little straw hat up in the air while her big boobs are bouncing around!

Bree Olson… Makes one hell of a kinky cow girl huh?


Cowgirls have to hit the pool every now and then, right? Right.

Raven Riley might be sporting a tiny little micro bikini, but she’s got a straw cowboy hat on and that makes it worth a mention here… yeah, I can see Raven Riley riding on top of me fucking me with that cowboy hat being tossed up in the air!

raven riley cowgirl pool fun1-1

Then Raven Riley tries to show us her ass…. Yeah, I’d fuck that. Hard.

raven riley cowgirl pool fun1-2

Of course I would want Raven Riley to keep the cowboy hat on!