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Meet Madden is a real country girl. I love it.

I grabbed this screen cap from her member’s area. Meaning, I downloaded her video and took pictures.

meet madden horse video5-1

Seems Madden was driving around in her TRUCK (yes, she drives a nice truck!) and came across some horses in a field… And just decided to jump the fence to check them out.

That’s a real country girl for you right there.

And you have to wonder why Misty Anderson makes the perfect country chick? Duh…

She’s got more horses than I have toes. And she looks oh so good in a cowboy hat!


Of course, the fact that Misty Anderson seems to spend a lot of time getting naked on tractors sure helps. She’s got a killer body, and if she likes to spend her free time naked on tractors, well then, we’ll gladly join Misty Anderson’s fan club!

Clearly Hayley Marie is pretty hot in more ways than one… She must be out in the desert, naked, and very thirsty… I could give her something to take care of her thirst for sure….

So long as she is topless I’m not caring too much. Those are some nice perky boobies!


I wonder if Hayley Marie is wearing leather pants… or if those are chaps and she’s not wearing any panties!


This is exactly what a country girl is all about huh?

Her name is Linds Roxx

linds roxx sexy cowgirl short shorts7

She can rock my world any chance she gets!

Lia 19 sure makes a hot country chick, huh? With that sexy hat, her titties out, the little tight skirt…. Hot hot hot!


Looks like this country girl needs to cool down… It must be hot out. Maybe Lia 19 should take a dip in the fountain there…


If Linds Roxx doesn’t look like the farmer’s daughter, we don’t know who does.

This makes us wonder if this is what the modern day farmer’s daughter really looks like – straw hat, short short, and a little tight tank top!

linds roxx sexy cowgirl short shorts3-1

The typical country girl loves blue jeans and cut off shorts, so we think Linds Roxx is exactly what she wants to believe she is!

These country girls are just too fucking much… They dress like sluts and they’ll do pretty much anything for any reason at all, or no reason what so ever. I think all real southern girls are just sluts – not because they are slutty (although they are) but more because they are just utterly fucking bored and the only thing to do is have sex…

cowgirl dirty truck

This slut is getting wild and crazy in her short shorts on a really dirty truck!

Corin Riggs here represents a breed of cow girl that we don’t usually talk about often… The rich bitch country girl!

Corin Riggs might ride a horse every now and then, but she’s not the kind of hottie you’ll find mending fences or stacking up hay!

But we let her get away with it because she is so damn fucking hot!

cowgirl corin riggs1

She might not drive a pick up truck, but if Corin Riggs does drive a truck… It’s gonna be brand new with all of the bells and whistles!

cowgirl corin riggs6

There are country girls and then there are girls that pretend. This country girl isn’t pretending.

She’s out there on the farm, working it. Topless.

cowgirl porn

Damn, country girls are so fucking hot!

Bam, now this is a sexy country girl worth banging! I love Southern Brooke!

If the hat and the boobs isn’t enough to get you going, the fucking loud cowgirl shit she is wearing sure must!


I am wondering if Sweet Krissy is wearing a tight pair of jeans showing off her hot round cowgirl ass to all of us…

Sometimes a chick like Sweet Krissy is just too much for us to handle – and even more so when she’s riding on top of us with her huge titties out holding her cowboy hat in the air like she’s riding a bucking bronco that is out of control!