God damn Sandy Summer is smoking fucking hot… Strip off her clothes, put some boots and a little hat, put her outside… And Sandy Summers loves being naked outside!

We can’t see her tits – this country girl is hiding her titties with her hat – but you can see that Sandy Summers has a huge rack… Big old titties!

hot blonde naked cowgirl

I wonder if Sandy Summers makes love like a country girl!

Misty Anderson is a real life country babe – and loves riding horses. She loves riding horses more than anything else. Well, maybe she likes sucking cock a little bit too and lesbian sex.

Today Misty Anderson has the full country girl thing going on – the cowboy boots, the short jean skirt, the flannel…

country slut misty anderson1

Once naked this cowgirl keeps her boots on – you know, just in case!

country slut misty anderson2

No chick makes a better country girl than Sarah Peachez does… That’s for sure. She’s got the tight jeans and the midriff and her shirt tied up just below her breasts; We can see her sexy green bra.

And the hair. Oh, the hair. The long blonde hair. All farmer’s daughters have big hair. Usually blonde.


Who wouldn’t want to bang Real Peachez hard on a haystack?

Now this is what I call a fucking cow girl! Or maybe she’s just a cow girl who likes to fuck!

Karen Dreams is already on her hands and knees, ready to be mounted… If you’ve ever dreamed of fucking a girl doggie style while pretending to be riding a bucking bronco at the same time, well, this might just be your best chance…

sexy karen dreams cowgirl1

Because you can plainly see how much Karen Dreams likes being fucked doggie style!

Alexa Loren from FTV Girls makes the ideal country girl…. If she was the farmer’s daughter, I would gladly risk the wrath of the farmer just for the chance to bang this big breasted country girl!

I wish she would put her cowgirl hat back on, or maybe she will be wearing it while she’s riding on top of me like she’s riding a bucking bronco…

ftv girls country girl

Either way this FTV Girl makes the hottest country girl ever!

Well this is something new… It’s not ever day we have a full fledged pornstar like Jenna Jameson on the Country Chicks blog…. But she’s working it hard with those short shorts and big boobs and her little cute cowboy hat…

And when she pulls down her top… Would you look at those BOOTS?

cowgirl jenna jameson 1

Not sure if Jenna Jameson is a real cowgirl or not, but those boots are hot!

cowgirl jenna jameson 2

And her boobs are huge too!

Oh god yes the country girls are the very best. You can see exactly how hot this is. She’s a real country girl, out in a field, wear a little top like all country girls would wear, tight jeans with tears and rips, and a little straw hat… You can tell she’s been around -she knows all of the local ranch hands and knows which barns are the most comfortable for fucking.

Because this country girl with the little tight ass knows how to fuck!

random country chick

Just imagine getting to bang this hot country girl!

Once again it’s country girl Madden from Meet Madden in her short shorts out on the farm on a tractor… Good stuff, good stuff…

Looks like she’s got on a green bra and maybe green panties? Does it matter?

meet madden ultimate country girl

Because if I had the chance to mount this country chick on the tractor the last thing I’d be worried about is what Meet Madden is wearing… I’d be tearing right through her clothes!

I’ll never forget the first time I got into Madden’s member area. I watched a video of her in a truck rocking out to country music, stopping to visit the horses. That was some time ago but it looks like Madden hasn’t changed much… she’s still hanging out in trucks although this time she’s only wearing her bra and panties… Super hot!

Madden always looks so sexy!

meet madden-sexy country girl in truck 2

Of course Madden looks great from behind too!

meet madden-sexy country girl in truck 1

Private School Jewel is the kind of girl that wants to spend her weekends taking long walks at the farm… Wearing only her short shorts and a skimpy little top!

This hot country chick is gonna let it all hang out if she isn’t already!

country girl jewel3

And Private School Jewel even looks great from behind. But I’m guessing you already knew that!

country girl jewel1

I could spend the rest of my life on the farm with Private School Jewel!!