Does wearing flannel qualify a chick for being a country girl? And if that’s not enough, what if they are outside by a barn and a wash basin? Hmmm.

We already know Ariel Rebel can handle any situation thrown on her, and that’s super hot already. I think Ariel Rebel is the type of chick that gets off any chance she gets and when this country chick threw a pass at her, Ariel Rebel was ready to receive it – arms and legs open wide!

ariel rebel country girl flannel

It quick turned out that these two hot country chicks were going to have a threesome!

ariel rebel country girl flannel2

Now this is exactly how we like to see our country girls… Nearly naked, wearing only cowboy boots, a cowboy belt, and a little straw hat. And nothing else.

Sweet Krissy is trying to cover up her breasts and really pulling it off – because we can see nearly everything of this hot country girl!

sweet krissy country girl

Who wouldn’t want Sweet Krissy riding on top of them tossing that little straw hat up in the air while her big boobs are bouncing around!

Bree Olson… Makes one hell of a kinky cow girl huh?


Cowgirls have to hit the pool every now and then, right? Right.

Raven Riley might be sporting a tiny little micro bikini, but she’s got a straw cowboy hat on and that makes it worth a mention here… yeah, I can see Raven Riley riding on top of me fucking me with that cowboy hat being tossed up in the air!

raven riley cowgirl pool fun1-1

Then Raven Riley tries to show us her ass…. Yeah, I’d fuck that. Hard.

raven riley cowgirl pool fun1-2

Of course I would want Raven Riley to keep the cowboy hat on!

Some times country girls are at their hottest when they have all of their clothes on…. Meet XO Gisele – she’s a real life country girl through and through. Do you know what gets XO Gisele off? Four wheel drive…. Today she’s going out in a Raptor – the hottest four wheel drive out there. I might be a Jeep guy myself, but I’d go for a ride with XO Gisele any day of the week!

gisele raptor

Country girls are the best… Tight jeans, tight shirts, lots of cleavage, and maybe some cowboy boots and flannel mixed in makes for a lot of fun out in the barn….

This hot little country slut… Looks like she’s ready to fuck! Just imagine her riding on top of you tossing her cowboy hat around like it’s going out of style!

smoking hot country girl

And make no mistake about it, this isn’t her first time at the rodeo… She really knows how to ride!

Looks like Aston Richards is ready to go riding… She’s got the cowboy boots, the belt, and the hat… And of course she’s wearing her panties and a tiny little bra to hide her sexy tiny titties. Teen chicks like Aston Richards crack us up…

But Aston Richards can ride us bareback any time she wants!

ashton richards teen cowgirl6-1

The cowboy boots are hot!

On any given day, Kari Sweets makes the perfect little teen girlfriend… She might like dressing up in high heels and what not, but at the end of the day Kari Sweets is just like any other country girl… Pure country at heart!

kari sweets hot cowgirl-1

I just want to rip that little jean skirt right off of Kari Sweets and do what real men do to country chicks!

Look like this country girl has had too much to drink…

drunken slutty cowgirl

Great. Keep drinking. So I can rip off the rest of your jeans and violate you!

I love drunk country chicks!

Misty Anderson not only makes the perfect country girl, but she is the real country girl! Right down to the horse she rides and the huge jacked up truck Misty Anderson has….

The flannel and the short shorts just sort of add to it… As if Misty Anderson could be any more beautiful!

misty anderson-corn field short shorts-flannel

I would so band Misty Anderson in a corn field!